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Last-Minute 4th of July Party Ideas June 30, 2012

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If you’re anything like me, you can’t believe how fast time flies now that you’re a grown-up.  This is particularly true when, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, you’ve overlooked a fast-approaching holiday- and suddenly the family announces that they’d all like to get together at your place!  If you’re trying hard to find some creative, last-minute touches to add to your 4th of July party, then look no further.  Good luck prepping and have a safe and happy Fourth!

Whether it’s going to be a backyard BBQ, pool party or just some classic yard games with the family, a great playlist humming in the background is essential.  Make life easy and download a preselected 4th of July playlist in seconds from iTunes.  Whether you’re looking for inspirational standards to accompany your fireworks or some classic, American rock, you’ll have no shortage of viable options available to you.

Take a look at these easy-to make pretzel “sparklers” that will double as favors for your guests:


Pretzel Sparklers

Prep/Total Time: 30 min.
Yield: 12 Servings



  • 8 ounces white baking chocolate, chopped

  • 1 package (10 ounces) pretzel rods

  • Colored candy stars or sprinkles


In a microwave-safe bowl; melt chocolate at 70% power for 1 minute; stir. Microwave at additional 10- to 20- second intervals, stirring until smooth.
Dip each pretzel rod about halfway into chocolate; allow excess to drip off. Sprinkle with stars. Place on waxed paper to dry. Yield: about 2 dozen.


Recipe courtesy of TasteofHome.com


Pinwheels are a classic summer staple, and look polished and thoughtful as part of a floral or non-floral centerpiece (they can also double as favors for the kiddos!)  Check out this DIY project that will look great at your party:

  1. Cut out a 6″ paper square.

  2. Draw an X from corner to corner; cut along the lines, stopping 1″ from the center.

  3. Gather every other corner to the center, stick a pushpin through them and into a straw in the back. Attach a pencil eraser to hold in place.

Get the Printable Design pattern here from Woman’s Day.



If you live in a neighborhood safe for bike riding, why not pick up a variety of streamers, stickers, pom-poms and balloons for the kids (even big ones!) to decorate their bikes and have a mini, neighborhood parade?


Check out more great Bike Parade Decorating ideas from It’s Overflowing.


Of course, classic yard games, even in smaller spaces, can really add a fun dimension to the get-together.  Make a quick stop in to your local chain retailer and pick up Ladder Ball, Cornhole (a variation of Bean Bag Toss), Washers or Horseshoes.  If the weather is hot and the kids are restless, but there’s no swimming pool in sight, simply set out the sprinkler and enjoy the belly laughs that follow!


Above all else, it is important that you and your guests have a safe holiday.

  1. Keep in mind that all fireworks pose a risk to you and your loved ones, as well as that many kinds are illegal in certain states.  If you want the dazzle without the risk, pick up a variety pack of sparklers at any local retailer and pass them out to mature guests as the evening grows dim.

  2. If you’re serving alcoholic beverages to guests over 21, monitor them for dehydration in hot weather and have plenty of water and other non-alcoholic choices available at all times.

  3. Food safety is a must!  The USDA stresses the importance of hygiene when handling raw meat, recommending washing your hands for 20 seconds in warm water before and after touching meat. Clean all surfaces that raw meat contacts and ensure all vegetables, fruits or other food products never come in contact with uncooked meat.   Ensure that you keep foods at safe temperatures after cooking in a warmer or the top rack of the grill. Leftovers should be contained and stored immediately. Food that has been sitting outside or unrefrigerated for a long period time should be disposed of (think anything with a dairy base or any meat products.)   No one wants to get the parting gift of food poisoning!


Hello Productions wishes you a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!
Lindsey @ lindseyb@helloproductions.com


Get a Jump Start on Unique Bridal Shower Themes June 11, 2012

Jump-Start Your Bridal Shower Ideas!
So, the big day is approaching for the lovely bride-to-be, and you’ve been tasked with organizing her epic bridal shower.  Great!- but, now what direction to go with a theme?  What goes with what?  How do you choose?  Well, we can’t exactly make any decisions for you (unless, of course, you’d like a little professional help to sort through all of this bridal goodness!), but we can give you a taste of some themes that will make the shower memorable and beautiful.  Read on and enjoy!


The Jet-Setting Bride and Groom
If the bride and groom love to travel, are having a destination wedding or plan to set off for a foreign land on their honeymoon, think about a travel theme.  Send out passport invitations, serve a variety of foods from around the world (or their final destination), decorate with maps and vintage luggage pieces and send your guests “away” with luggage tag favors.

Mad Men at your Party?
Maybe you and the bride-to-be are just a little obsessed with Mad Men- we don’t blame you!  Take a cue from your favorite AMC show and throw a bridal shower bash complete with punch card themed invites, a scotch & whiskey bar (or a specialty cocktail bar, all served in martini and rocks glasses set atop mirrors or mirrored trays), perfectly retro treats such as cheese balls and chips & dip, candy cigarette favors and be sure to include a little Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce!

A bit nontraditional, we know, but we can’t deny that the trend of a bowling shower is really a fun-loving idea for any out-of-the-box bride.  Why not go all-out and ask your attendees to wear their best vintage garb (bowling-themed or not, as long as it’s cool!), hand out easy-to-make bowling alley-bedazzled favors, eat easy (definitely consider pizza, coke floats and other classic bowling alley snacks) and by playing a few frames to getting those competitive juices flowing?  Make sure to use lots of records, checkerboard fabric/materials and pins in your design scheme, and try to use “Strike,” “Spare,” “Split” and “Scratch” liberally throughout the day.  Oh, and have fun!

Have questions or want help throwing your next great bridal shower?  Contact Lindsey today at lindseyb@helloproductions.com to take the stress out of planning!