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How to Use (and Not Use) Social Media at Your Wedding July 26, 2012

You may not be able to imagine being without your cell phone on any day, much less your wedding day, but there is a way to use social media tastefully that will keep your wedding classy.


We have social media to thank when it comes to keeping those far away close, such as guests who could not make the wedding or even those acquaintances that just missed the guest list cut off. There are ways to involve those people in your social circle while still enjoying the moment and those people who are actually standing in your circle!


Go Online Before the Big Day


If you are having a wedding website, it is still a good idea to note all important information on a printed invitation for those who might not want to go online. If you decide to have a completely paperless wedding (online invitations only), make sure you personally contact any friends or relatives who do not have an email address or who might not feel comfortable finding all the information online. If your wedding website is just an extension of the invitations, it is always a nice idea to note on the save the dates or invitations what can be found online. For example, it can say something like: Accommodations, directions and registries can be found at http://www.yourweddingwebsite.com.


If you have any social media aspects to your website or have created an additional social media outlet for your special day festivities, put a few of your socially-savvy friends or family members in charge of getting the ball rolling. For example, if you want to have an online guest book where guests can leave messages, songs requests and other comments, have a few friends or family members post on there first. Others will be more encouraged to post if they are not the first!


If you create an event for your wedding on Facebook, just make sure you limit its visibility to your guests. You do not want anyone to have hurt feelings if they think they are invited to the wedding because they are included in your Facebook pre-party!


OneWed offers a Wedding Pre-Party as well, which allows guests to see who is invited to the wedding, interact and post comments on a wall, upload photos from pre-wedding events and more.


Keep the Ceremony Sacred


No matter how big of a social media fan you are, it is best to keep the ceremony between you, your bride or groom and your guests. If you want to be able to share the intimate details of the ceremony, hire a videographer. They will typically stay behind-the-scenes, but can capture the ceremony from beginning to end. You can later upload it to YouTube or your Facebook page to share with those who could not make it (and those who just wanted to see it all over again!).


Eat, Drink and Tweet


If you want to keep your twitter page update, put a close friend or someone in the bridal party in charge of tweeting the updates throughout the reception. They can even create a hashtag and share it with other guests to make finding the tweets after the event easier.


Looking to upgrade the typical slideshow of photos that is played at the reception? Why not have someone monitor your tweets and Facebook comments live and add them into the slideshow? Set up a station with a laptop where people can submit photos and they can be displayed in a live stream slideshow.


There are also products on the web to help you automatically display your tweets and Facebook comments. For example, Visible Tweets is a tool for projecting and displaying tweets. Enter keywords and hastags to display, choose an animation, make it full screen and it is ready.


In lieu of disposable cameras, set up a Flickr account for all your guests to upload their photos after the wedding. Put the URL and directions on your favors or on takeaway cards on each table.


Many photographers and videographers have the ability to live stream photos and videos during the reception. If you want to live stream the full day for those unable to make the wedding, talk to your videographer about options. There are several online streaming services, like USTREAM, that make it easy to share your special day with those who cannot make it. You can set it up as a public or private live feed.


Just remember to use social media to enhance your wedding, not take away from it. A lot of people are spending time and money to experience the wedding in person, so do not forget to put down your phone or close the lid of your laptop and celebrate with those around you.


The day will fly by so enjoy every moment and leave it up to your friends, family and other guests to capture the moments so you can experience them again and again.


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