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Throwing the Best Bridal Shower May 21, 2013

Summer is a popular time for bridal showers so we have a refresher course on throwing the best bridal shower you can. If you’re a bride, forward this blog onto your maid of honor! And if you are a past bride, some of these ideas can apply to a baby shower as well!


The Theme


Showers are a great opportunity for a fun theme, although you don’t have to have one. And don’t worry about matching the wedding – this is the time to focus on what the bride likes.


Here are some of our favorite 2013 bridal shower themes:

theme collection

Clockwise from top left: Travel Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Retro Bride Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Bubbles & Bliss Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Wine & Cheese Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Tea Party Theme (www.thesweetestoccasion.com)


The Invites


If you are in charge of planning the shower, you may want to surprise the bride with some of the details, but it is a good idea to confirm the invite list. Often, out-of-town guests are not able to make the bridal shower, but may appreciate being thought of.


Don’t forget to include the bride’s website and/or registry on the shower invitation!


The Timing


Typically, a bridal shower is held within two months of the wedding date; however, it can be moved up or back depending on the bride’s schedule, venue availability, etc. It’s a good idea to check your local event guide to see if anything major will be happening that same weekend. An event that closes streets (such as a parade or marathon) can make it tricky for guests to be on time.


The Food


If you’re throwing the shower at a restaurant, your food choices will be be determined by their menu. If you are throwing the shower at someone’s home, it is always a nice idea to incorporate a favorite food or drink of the bride into the menu. Remember, you don’t have to serve a full meal at the shower. You could do drinks and desserts or display a variety of fun appetizers.


The Gifts


While the bride may be tempted to take the gifts and run, it’s customary to open the gifts in front of the guests. Encourage the bride to take her time while opening the gifts so that each guest gets their moment in the spotlight, but keep the process moving at a good pace. Be respectable and appreciative, and remind guests you will spend time rereading all the cards and looking at all the gifts on your own time. If there are guests that do not know everyone, it is a nice idea to explain who they are and how you know them as you open their gift (out-of-town aunt, college roommate, etc.).


The Games


You may cringe at the thought of games, but they can help your guests get to know one another, get to know the bride (and groom) better, and let them take part in the shower festivities. For some fun game ideas, click here: (https://helloproductions.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/bridal-shower-games-worth-sticking-around-for/).


The Groom


If you’re planning a shower, it’s a nice surprise to ask the groom to show up at the end of the shower. Guests will appreciate seeing the groom and if he wants to take it one step further, he could surprise the bride with flowers.


For those past brides out there, what was your bridal shower theme? Comment below!


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