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Let’s Go Glamping – Throw A Glamorous Outdoor Party August 9, 2013


August and September are perfect months for cookouts and campfires. Why not impress your friends and family by adding some “glam” to your next get together.


Glamping (or glamorous camping) is a form of camping involving more luxurious accommodations and accessories than traditional camping. We’ve taking the idea of glamping and put together some ideas for a glamorous cookout and campfire.


The Scene


Instead of camping chairs or wooden benches around a fire pit, bring out your kitchen or dining room chairs. Use colorful throw pillows (and blankets if it’s a chilly night) to make the seating as comfortable as possible.


The Setup


Forget tiki torches and traditional citronella candles. This evening calls for lanterns. If the bugs are out, use citronella votives inside your lanterns or decorative votive holders. Skip the paper plates and set your picnic table with real silverware and china. Don’t forget the cloth napkins!


The Food


A cookout is a perfect way to feed your guests – you can even impress by looking for unique ham and hot dogs at your local supermarket (such as Cracked Pepper and Garlic Burgers or Al Fresco Chicken Sausage with Sundried Tomatoes).


Everyone loves s’mores but not everyone loves the mess they make. We love these updated (and easy to eat!) s’mores! Click the picture for the recipe.


If you decide to attempt s’mores the old fashioned way, these Anthropologie marshmallow roasting sticks make a great accessory! Click on the picture below for more details.


The Drinks


Glam up your beverages by adding colorful fruits and herbs. You can also bring out a piece of indoor furniture outdoors for a glamorous beverage station.


The Stars


No camping or cookout party would be complete without star gazing once the sun sets. We found an easy-to-follow constellation guide for your guests.


For more glamping ideas, follow Hello Productions on Pinterest!

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