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Real Life Experiences of a Hello Productions’ Intern: Murder Mystery & Pirates September 13, 2013

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Is it possible to plan, promote and implement two events in only three weeks? If you’re willing to work hard and guzzle cup after cup of iced coffee, it most surely is possible. How would I know? Well, I pulled it off this summer when I was given the chance to plan two events for the Brentwood Library.


The first event that I planned for the library was a murder mystery party for adults. After reading tons of murder mystery game descriptions, I finally selected a western themed mystery kit. I coordinated all of the décor around the theme. Small details like bandana printed lanterns, western hat and cowboy boot picks, bales of hay and sunflower centerpieces served as a cost-effective way to create a fun, western atmosphere. Attendees spent the evening enjoying munchies as they tried to solve the murder mystery.


The second event that I organized was a pirate slumber party for children entering grades 3-5. Gold coins, hand-made pirate hat centerpieces and themed food labels brought the pirate theme to life. Some of the night’s activities included going on a book hunt, meeting a pirate, watching themed movies and creating pirate hats. However, I can’t take all of the credit for making the event such a success. It wouldn’t have been possible if Pizza Hut, Bruegger’s Bagels and Panera Bread hadn’t donated tons of delicious food. There’s no doubt that the children’s faces lit up when they saw stacks of pizza at dinner and trays of baked goods and bagels lined up at breakfast.


Even though planning both events was stressful and seemed impossible at times, I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to do so. Not only did I get amazing hands-on experience in event planning, but I also had the chance to assist the friendly library staff and encourage the public to get excited about reading.


Rachel Rodgers
Summer 2013 Intern


As our Summer 2013 intern, Rachel worked with Director of Marketing & Events Colleen Geletko. She had the opportunity to work on a marketing campaign and training for a local business, final preparations and coordination of a prom for students with disabilities, social media campaigns, promotion for a bike event, planning for a 2014 wedding, and event planning for a local library, as well as participate in multiple pitch meetings.


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