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Throw a Sophisticated Fall Wedding (or Party) October 13, 2013

If you’re planning a Halloween party, there are a lot of fun and outrageous ways to decorate. But what if you’re planning a wedding or event in October that isn’t all about Halloween? The trick to decorating and creating a theme is to include the essential elements of fall in a sophisticated way. Here are some of our favorite!



These flowers are popular on porches in fall, but can be also used to create a beautiful centerpieces. If you want to use mums, don’t worry about limiting your color options – they come in a variety of colors and petal shapes.




With countless varieties, sizes and colors, pumpkins are not just for jack o’laterns! Embellish pumpkins, gourdes and squash for a glamorous twist. Visit a local farmer’s market or orchard to find the most variety.



Black & Orange

It’s hard to picture black and orange so stylish, but these events proved it can be done! Don’t be afraid to mix in other colors with orange and black, or let them stand on their own!



Bonus: Bittersweet

This plant is initially yellow, but as it dries, it reveals red berries. We think this is the perfect way to accessorize your fall tables. You can use the branches and berries on their own, or as a complement to other fall flowers.



One Response to “Throw a Sophisticated Fall Wedding (or Party)”

  1. So so so beautiful! Best photos I have seen all week:) I would love to be a guest at this event, lol!

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