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Host Your Own Reindeer Games This Holiday Season December 1, 2013

Want to do something a little different this year? Why not make a game out of your next holiday get-together with one of these holiday party game suggestions? You may be familiar with them, but they continue to entertain year after year!


White Elephant Exchange


This popular holiday party game has many different variations, but the goal of the game is to entertain. The name of the game comes from the term “white elephant”, which represents something whose maintenance costs exceeds its usefulness. The point is to wrap something that is valuable but for which you have no use.


Each guest brings a gift that is typically inexpensive or humorous. It can even be an item you wish to re-gift. Have each guest draw a number from a bag to determine the order of play. Each person takes a turn choosing a gift. The first person opens the gift and shows it to everyone. The next person can “steal” the gift or open a new gift. If a person’s gift is stolen, the empty-handed person unwraps another unopened gift and play continues with the next person. Once all the gifts are opened, the game is over and the exchanging stops. If you have a large group, you may want to establish that a gift can only be “stolen” a maximum of three times.


Another variation is to have the gifts remain wrapped until the very end. With this type of play, guests can only guess what the gifts are and will have to select based on the wrapping and the personality of the person who brought the gift.


Ornament Exchange


This game plays out similar to the white elephant game, but each guest brings an ornament. If you want to make sure each person’s ornament is appreciated, the host can number each ornament at random. Then, each guest pulls a number out of a bag and they receive the corresponding ornament.


Cookie Exchange


If you have a group of friends who enjoy holiday baking, ask each one to bring a large batch of one type of cookie. Provide tins or storage bags for guests to collect a few of each kind to take home.


You can also ask participants to bring copies of their recipes or tell a story about the cookie and why it’s significant to them during the holidays.


Looking for a new type of cookies to add to your collection this year? Visit www.marthastewart.com/favorite-cookie-recipes for over 60 of Martha Stewart’s favorite cookie recipes which are sure to impress your guests!

Game Exchange


Do you have a group of friends that love board games or come to your weekly game night? Have a game exchange where everyone brings a new game (you can set a price limit as some games can be much more than others). During the party, play as many games of the new games as you have time for. At the end of the night, draw everyone’s name at random and have each person then pick a game to take home in that order.


As the host, don’t forget to have some refreshments to go along with these games such as eggnog, hot cider or punch!


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