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Celebrity-Worthy 2013 Oscar Party Ideas February 10, 2013


Looking for an excuse to throw a party? Why not celebrate the 85th Academy Awards (commonly known as the Oscars) in style! They will be televised live on Sunday, February 24th, beginning at 7pm EST.


First, set up the proper viewing equipment. If you only have one TV, center the party in that room. Decide ahead of time if you’re going to keep the sound low so everyone can talk (consider putting closed captioning on), or if you’re going to have the sound up. If your guests want to watch and listen, put the drinks in a separate room to create a space for those who want to talk instead of watch.


If you are able to set up multiple TVs in separate rooms, keep the TV sound low in one room and turn it up in another room, giving options for your guests to just watch or watch and listen.


As for the decorations, keep it simple and classy. Blogger Hostess with the Mostess created fun Oscar printables, including 2013 nominee labels, napkin rings, patterned papers, drink tags and more. For the templates and instructions to print, visit her blog: www.hwtm.com.

oscar collection 

Play Oscar bingo. Give guests blank bingo sheets and have them write down things they think are going to happen in each space. Examples: Amour is going to win Best Picture, Steven Spielberg will be seated in the front row, Hugh Jackman will cry, etc. Let the games begin! As these things happen, guests will cross off the spaces and the first to get 5 in a row, wins a prize. Pick a movie-themed prize, such as movie tickets or an iTunes gift card. Click here for a free bingo template.


Have fun with the food and cocktails. Pick things that represent the nominees for Best Picture. For example, an old fashioned cocktail to represent Lincoln or a fruity drink for Life of Pi. Bambara Restaurant (in Salt Lake City) created 2013 Oscar nominee-themed cocktails. For their list, click here. If you’re feeling really adventurous, head over to Epicurious to see their sample menus for each of the 2013 Oscar nominees.


Appetizers and finger foods are always easy to serve and eat, but if you want to dazzle your guests, set up a gourmet popcorn bar. Pop different kinds of popcorn and set it out with scoops, personal bags and toppings. You can get as creative as you want with the toppings – from Parmesan cheese to caramel and sea salt, and from buffalo-style hot sauce to curry powder and shredded coconut.

wedding popcorn bar

Here are just a few gourmet popcorn topping combinations to get you started:
Parmesan and Black Pepper

Mini M&M’s and Chocolate Chips
Curry Powder and Shredded Coconut
Caramel Drizzle and Sea Salt
Buffalo Style Hot Sauce and Blue Cheese Crumbles
Ranch Seasoning and Dill
Peanuts and Wasabi
Bacon Bits, Cheddar and Chives
Mini Marshmallows and Crushed Graham Crackers


For more information on the Oscar nominees, visit: oscar.go.com.