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Bridal Shower Games…Worth Sticking Around For April 7, 2018

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Bridal Shower games not only allow your guests to participate, but they give the guests the chance to know the bride and others guests a little better. It’s also a fun opportunity to give away little gifts to your guests. Here are a few games that span from the traditional to the unique.



Anniversary Game
As each guest arrives, have them write down the date of their wedding anniversary (or birthday if they are not married). Whoever has an anniversary (or birthday) closest to the wedding date wins the door prize.


Variation: Ask everyone who is married to stand up. Then ask everyone who has been married: “1 year or less” to sit down. Continue with “5 years or less,” “10 years or less,” and so on until only one person is left standing. When you give this guest a door prize, ask what advice she has to give the bride for a long and happy marriage.


Hugs & Kisses (or Candy Matching) Game
Using index cards, write the names of candy on one half and “wedding” definitions on the other. Tape all the cards face down (so the words are hidden) to a board or wall. Each guest will get a chance to turn over two cards, one from each side. If it matches, they win the matching candy. If it doesn’t match, the flip the cards back over and the next guest goes. Customize the definitions with the candy you find.


Variation: Give each guest her own sheet to match the candy with the definitions. The guest with the most correct matches wins.


Some examples: Hershey’s Hugs (Warm Embraces); Lifesavers (Parents); 100 Grand (Reception); Butterfingers (First Date); Sweet Tarts (Bride and Groom).


Right Left Game
You can either play this with all your guests sitting in a circle or at each table of guests. Give one guest a gift (either in the large circle or at each table). Tell the guests to listen closely as you read a story and pass their gifts to the right whenever they hear the word “right” and pass the gift to the left when they hear the word “left.” Whoever is holding the gift at the end wins the gift. Read the story at a quick pace to challenge your guests and don’t worry if your guests don’t catch every right or left—they’ll still have lots of fun!


If you’re a bridesmaid or maid of honor reading this story, feel free to customize it ahead of time to fit the bride. Just make sure to include plenty of “lefts” and “rights!”


(Bride’s name) knew right away that she had found Mr. RIGHT and the RIGHT date was set. Now seemed to be the RIGHT time to start so she LEFT RIGHT after lunch and went RIGHT to her mother’s house. She knew she needed to get started RIGHT away to make sure nothing was LEFT undone.


There was little time LEFT to spare and so much LEFT to do. She asked her mother to write down an address list and she LEFT to find the RIGHT invitations. On her way, she LEFT a message at the florist and then RIGHT to the bridal shop she ran.


RIGHT in the window was the perfect dress. Oh no, I LEFT my checkbook RIGHT in the car. Hold that dress, I’ll be RIGHT back. With that done, she called Mr. RIGHT and LEFT him a message to call her RIGHT back. She LEFT to meet the florist who had LEFT her a message that they had the RIGHT flowers for her.


Mr. RIGHT called her RIGHT back and said he LEFT a message for the preacher to call him RIGHT back and that he had just LEFT work and would be RIGHT over.


She LEFT the florist and ran RIGHT over to meet Mr RIGHT. RIGHT away they discussed what was LEFT to do. Who would be the RIGHT best man? She LEFT that up to Mr RIGHT. I’ll get the RIGHT maid of Honor.


RIGHT away they started shopping for the RIGHT rings. With that done, the next stop was to order the RIGHT cake. Mr. RIGHT could clearly see his future, Mrs. RIGHT, was on the right track.


After a long day, all that was LEFT to do was get RIGHT home to see if any messages were LEFT while they were out. “Let’s call it a day”. “Whatever is LEFT to do, can be LEFT until tomorrow. With a kiss, he LEFT and she went RIGHT to bed.


Bridal Bingo
Make “bingo cards” for all your guests with 25 empty spaces (5 across, 5 down). Ask guests to write gifts in each square that they think the bride-to-be will receive. As the bride opens her presents, have the guests cross off any presents she receives that are on their cards. As soon as someone has 5 in a row (diagonal counts), shout “Bingo!”


Guessing Game
Find a cute jar and fill with colorful candy or something that matches the shower’s theme. Seal it up and pass it around to the guests. Give each guest a note card to write their name and the number of pieces they think are inside. Whoever is closest, wins. You can also put smaller versions of this game on each table, as part of the centerpiece, allowing there to be a winner at each table.


Advice for Marriage, Love & Life Game
Pass out note cards to all the guests and ask them to write advice for the bride. All the note cards are collected and the bride can read each one out loud. You can have her try to guess who wrote each comment, or just hold onto them as a keepsake.


Purse Search Game
Create a list of things most guests might have in their purses and assign points to each thing. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game, wins. Some examples: lipstick (4 points), calculator (8 points), pen (2 points), photo of others (4 points), photo of yourself (8 points), etc.


Get to Know the Groom Game
Have someone contact the groom prior to the shower and ask him a list of questions about himself and his bride-to-be. Ask him to keep it as a secret so the bride doesn’t know ahead of time. Write out the questions on the front of note cards and his answer on the back. At the shower, have guests read the questions to the bride and see if she can match the groom’s answer.


Some examples: “What’s the groom’s favorite food?”, “Where did you go on your first date?” or “If the groom could have any superpower, which one would he pick?”


No matter what you decide to include in your shower, you and your guests are bound to have fun!


Throwing the Best Bridal Shower May 21, 2013

Summer is a popular time for bridal showers so we have a refresher course on throwing the best bridal shower you can. If you’re a bride, forward this blog onto your maid of honor! And if you are a past bride, some of these ideas can apply to a baby shower as well!


The Theme


Showers are a great opportunity for a fun theme, although you don’t have to have one. And don’t worry about matching the wedding – this is the time to focus on what the bride likes.


Here are some of our favorite 2013 bridal shower themes:

theme collection

Clockwise from top left: Travel Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Retro Bride Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Bubbles & Bliss Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Wine & Cheese Theme (www.weddingwindow.com), Tea Party Theme (www.thesweetestoccasion.com)


The Invites


If you are in charge of planning the shower, you may want to surprise the bride with some of the details, but it is a good idea to confirm the invite list. Often, out-of-town guests are not able to make the bridal shower, but may appreciate being thought of.


Don’t forget to include the bride’s website and/or registry on the shower invitation!


The Timing


Typically, a bridal shower is held within two months of the wedding date; however, it can be moved up or back depending on the bride’s schedule, venue availability, etc. It’s a good idea to check your local event guide to see if anything major will be happening that same weekend. An event that closes streets (such as a parade or marathon) can make it tricky for guests to be on time.


The Food


If you’re throwing the shower at a restaurant, your food choices will be be determined by their menu. If you are throwing the shower at someone’s home, it is always a nice idea to incorporate a favorite food or drink of the bride into the menu. Remember, you don’t have to serve a full meal at the shower. You could do drinks and desserts or display a variety of fun appetizers.


The Gifts


While the bride may be tempted to take the gifts and run, it’s customary to open the gifts in front of the guests. Encourage the bride to take her time while opening the gifts so that each guest gets their moment in the spotlight, but keep the process moving at a good pace. Be respectable and appreciative, and remind guests you will spend time rereading all the cards and looking at all the gifts on your own time. If there are guests that do not know everyone, it is a nice idea to explain who they are and how you know them as you open their gift (out-of-town aunt, college roommate, etc.).


The Games


You may cringe at the thought of games, but they can help your guests get to know one another, get to know the bride (and groom) better, and let them take part in the shower festivities. For some fun game ideas, click here: (https://helloproductions.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/bridal-shower-games-worth-sticking-around-for/).


The Groom


If you’re planning a shower, it’s a nice surprise to ask the groom to show up at the end of the shower. Guests will appreciate seeing the groom and if he wants to take it one step further, he could surprise the bride with flowers.


For those past brides out there, what was your bridal shower theme? Comment below!