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How to Include Your Pet In Your Wedding February 3, 2013


If you’re like many couples who cannot imagine being separated from their furry friends, especially on their wedding day, here are some ways to include them in your special day.


Have your pet carry the rings. Whether you have a dog, cat or even pot-bellied pig, you can attach the rings to a pillow, which can then be attached to the collar of the animal. Remember to include your pet in the dress rehearsal so they are used to the process and the people. Also have a friend or family member in charge of the animal before, during and after the ceremony.


Show your love for your pet at your reception. Use framed photos of your pet as table numbers or make a donation to a favorite animal charity in lieu of favors and include photos of you with your pet on the escort card table or on each reception table.


Include your pet in your photos. If being in the ceremony is too unpredictable for you (or you are having the ceremony in a place that does not allow pets), include them in your wedding photos. Hire a dog sitter to bring the pet for the photos and then take him or her home afterwards. If you like this idea but logistics are complicated, consider including your pet in your engagement photos.


pup with flowers

Bring your pet to the reception. It’s still a good idea to hire a pet sitter so that you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on him or her, but having your pet at the reception (as long as the venue allows) can be a special way to include them.


According to Sarah Needleman’s article in The Wall Street Journal, including your pet in your wedding is a growing demand, one which wedding planners, boutique retailers and other businesses are offering new services and products to meet. These include outfits, accessories and even training sessions to keep your pet on his or her best behavior. Mostly dogs but also cats, pot belly pigs and birds are getting outfitted with ornate wedding gear, including miniature tuxedos, veils and top hats. Trainers are prepping them for top performance and sitters are standing by for when the job is done. Read more at: http://online.wsj.com.


If you do decide to include your pet in your wedding, stay flexible. Even a trained dog or cat might decide to act on its own when in the spotlight, but it will just make your day more memorable! Past brides – did you include your pets in your wedding? Tell us how in the comments below!


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