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An Intimate Look Inside a Hello Wedding November 27, 2018

So many times, I am asked, “what makes a wedding stand out from the rest?” My immediate answer is that it’s the personal touches that truly make it special. From the moment I met Jess and Nate, I knew their wedding would be one for the books.


Jess and Nate live in New York City, but were returning to their roots in Pittsburgh for their big day. The bride and groom met in college at Penn State and Nate has been making Jess (and everyone around him,) laugh ever since. We had a beautiful day at Phipp’s Conservatory and Botanical Garden’s; sunny, blue skies and a light breeze were the perfect setting for this truly epic wedding.


The day was relaxed, but absolutely buzzed with excitement as Nate and Jess did a first look atop Hotel Monaco (Rachel Rowland Photography). Two hours later and guests from near and far started arriving to the outdoor garden for the ceremony. With both of her parents by her side, Jess walked down the aisle to Nate (who had the biggest smile on his face when he saw his bride!)

To make the ceremony all the more personal, our officiant was the cousin and very close friend of Jess. Jess and Nate choose to recite their own vows, and there was not a dry eye in the house (wedding planner included!) The love, honor and appreciation that these two have for each other speaks volumes of their relationship as now husband and wife.


Right after their grand entrance, our bride and groom welcomed all guests onto the dance floor to immediately get the party started. Friends and family were overjoyed to share this moment with them! Countless intoxicating smiles and guests jumping with joy and excitement was an all-night occurrence.

Parents of the bride gave a beautiful speech, translated into English by Jess’s cousin. The very last line of their speech was spoken in English, “Congratulations Jessy and Nate, we love you both very much.” I truly mean it when I say that I have never felt so much love at a wedding in my entire life.


The personal touches didn’t stop there! Nate and his brothers, (ever-so-talented musicians), surprised Jess and wedding guests by joining the 9-piece band on stage to perform live. (Sneaking around with trumpets and saxophones is not easy, but we did it thanks to help from our friends in Elite Showband!)


The celebration never stopped–dancing lasted well into the evening and guests remained at the reception until the very last minute. Jess and Nate had the exact recipe for the most flawless and personal wedding ever: a perfect day, joy, excitement and so much love. Congrats again to Jess and Nate!

Blog post by Hello Event Coordinator, Christina McLachlan




The Late-Night Bite Food Truck December 13, 2017

A wedding day can be quite tiresome for your guests. After a whole day filled with bubbly conversation, shuttle services, amazing dance moves, and of course love, your guests may need a delicious ‘pick-me-up’… We introduce: The Late-Night Bite Food Truck!

Acqua Photo

(Photo courtesy of Acqua Photo)


In the later portion of your reception, consider booking a late-night bite for your guests. Something to soak up your signature cocktail or even fill them up so they can stay on the dance floor! Late-night bites can vary from tacos to ice cream. Nothing says, ‘don’t stop the party’ like comfort food!


We’ve curated a list of our favorite classic and creative late-night bite ideas for all your ‘midnight’ snacking needs:




(Photo courtesy of Mexicalbi)


Mac & Cheese

(Photos courtesy of Alison Mish Photography)


Grilled Cheese

Zac Wolf Photography

(Photo courtesy of Zac Wolf Photography)


We also love when couples share their sweet tooth with their guests by bringing them some sweet treats!



Abby Jiu

(Photo courtesy of Abby Jiu)


Ice Cream

Vintage and Lace

(Photo courtesy of Vintage and Lace)


After all, your wedding guests come first. What better way to keep them happy than to keep them full!

Blog by Hello Productions Intern: Molly Mitchell


A Popular Question When Planning Events: Party Favors or No Party Favors? February 12, 2017

We are weighing in on the age old question: if the party favor is a must. Giving your guests party favors at your wedding or special event is a generous gesture, however, it is not necessary. Favors can add up to a lot of money and it could possibly be something your guests might not even want. But of course, if you have favors in mind that are cohesive with the theme of your event, unique, or something your guests will cherish forever – then you should do it! If you decide that a typical favor is not something you want for your event, think of the favor more like a souvenir or even a post-event snack that everyone will enjoy. Here are our top 5 picks of alternative favor ideas from some of our local Pittsburgh vendors.

Photo Booth

There is no better memory than those caught in a moment on camera. Whether picture perfect or silly and fun, a photo strip of your guests is something everyone will love and keep forever. Love a little retro and vintage? Check out this unique vendor, Pittsburgh Camper Booth. A vintage retro photo booth on wheels!

Donuts or Breakfast

After a long night of dancing and celebration, everyone always wakes up hungry! Wrap up a donut, fresh scone or pastry by Oakmont Bakery for your guests the next morning.

Caricature Artist

Caricature Art makes for a fun and exciting take-home favor. This is always a hit at every event, your guests will be talking about it for weeks! Call The Pittsburgh Caricature Co. to book your premier caricature studio for your next event.

Waffle Truck

Who wouldn’t want to exit a wedding venue and find fresh, gourmet waffles as their parting gift? Have your guests leave your event with an unexpected and delectable treat by The Waffler Truck.

Custom Coasters

Instead of purchasing your typical monogram napkins or paper coasters, why not get creative with calligraphy by Gardner Ann’s by Katie Harbison. The coasters don’t have to have the event date for your guests to remember they received it on your special day. This is something your guests will keep forever and use often.


Hooray – You’re Engaged! Now What? January 8, 2017

He popped the question and you said YES! Now you are engaged – congratulations! There are so many things to think about, but don’t get overwhelmed! Here is what to do next.

Call your parents, siblings, family and best friends:

Don’t let your family and best friends find out on social media. Give them the honor of hearing the fantastic news first. Don’t hesitate to get creative with a mock save-the-date, unique photo of the location where you were engaged, surprise them with a facetime call for a first-time look at your new ring, or better yet, surprise them in person so you can witness their priceless reaction!


Photo from theknot.com

Make sure your nails are on point:

Your hands will be in the spotlight for quite a while! So be confident and show off that ring with a brand new manicure.


Photo from brides.com

Get your ring appraised and insured:

This might not be one of the most exciting things about the engagement or one of the first things you think about, but it could seriously save you (especially him!) in the long run. Ring insurance can be purchased as an extension of your renters or homeowners policy. Another option is to insure your ring through a company that specializes in jewelers insurance.


Photo from brides.com

Get your ring resized:

Your new ring might fit like a glove or it might be slipping right off of your finger. If it is not a snug fit, make sure you go to a jeweler ASAP to get your ring sized to fit you correctly. If not, you might be utilizing your ring insurance sooner than you thought!


Photos from everafterguide.com

Start thinking about a potential date and set your budget:

Wedding venues get booked far in advance so it is wise to set a date as soon as possible. Plus, everyone will be asking if you set a date, so you will be prepared with an answer! Also, think about the kind of wedding you want to have and crunch some numbers to set the budget for your wedding day.


Photos from marthastewartweddings.com

Have an engagement party:

People will want to congratulate you and your fiance on the engagement. This is a great time to introduce family members who haven’t met and will be seeing a lot of each other during all of the wedding festivities. The engagement party should be held within a few months of the proposal.


Photo from weddingpaperdivas.com

Go on a date night and have fun:

Relax, spend time with each other and remember why you got engaged in the first place! Enjoy every moment of your engagement and the exciting feeling of calling your man your fiance! Embrace the moment of being engaged before all of the planning begins. When you are ready to start planning, don’t forget to call us at Hello Productions to help you plan your dream wedding day from beginning to end!


Photo from marieclaire.com






Pittsburgh’s National Aviary Is Perfect For Love Birds August 17, 2015

We couldn’t help but share this recent Hello Productions’ wedding at The National Aviary, located in Pittsburgh. Located in West Park on Pittsburgh’s historic North Side, the National Aviary’s diverse collection comprises more than 500 birds representing more than 150 species from around the world, many of them threatened or endangered in the wild.


We of course went wild over these two “love birds”. Photo credit to Tara Petro Photography.

aviary collection

Looking for more information about having an event at the Pittsburgh Aviary? Visit their website at http://www.aviary.org or give Hello a call!



How to Include Your Pet In Your Wedding February 3, 2013


If you’re like many couples who cannot imagine being separated from their furry friends, especially on their wedding day, here are some ways to include them in your special day.


Have your pet carry the rings. Whether you have a dog, cat or even pot-bellied pig, you can attach the rings to a pillow, which can then be attached to the collar of the animal. Remember to include your pet in the dress rehearsal so they are used to the process and the people. Also have a friend or family member in charge of the animal before, during and after the ceremony.


Show your love for your pet at your reception. Use framed photos of your pet as table numbers or make a donation to a favorite animal charity in lieu of favors and include photos of you with your pet on the escort card table or on each reception table.


Include your pet in your photos. If being in the ceremony is too unpredictable for you (or you are having the ceremony in a place that does not allow pets), include them in your wedding photos. Hire a dog sitter to bring the pet for the photos and then take him or her home afterwards. If you like this idea but logistics are complicated, consider including your pet in your engagement photos.


pup with flowers

Bring your pet to the reception. It’s still a good idea to hire a pet sitter so that you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on him or her, but having your pet at the reception (as long as the venue allows) can be a special way to include them.


According to Sarah Needleman’s article in The Wall Street Journal, including your pet in your wedding is a growing demand, one which wedding planners, boutique retailers and other businesses are offering new services and products to meet. These include outfits, accessories and even training sessions to keep your pet on his or her best behavior. Mostly dogs but also cats, pot belly pigs and birds are getting outfitted with ornate wedding gear, including miniature tuxedos, veils and top hats. Trainers are prepping them for top performance and sitters are standing by for when the job is done. Read more at: http://online.wsj.com.


If you do decide to include your pet in your wedding, stay flexible. Even a trained dog or cat might decide to act on its own when in the spotlight, but it will just make your day more memorable! Past brides – did you include your pets in your wedding? Tell us how in the comments below!


Looking for ideas on how to include your pets in your special day? Give Hello Productions a call at 412-298-7333 or email at info@helloproductions.com.


Reuse, Rewear and Repurpose Your Wedding Dress November 13, 2012

One night – that’s all your wedding dress gets. So what now? As wedding planners and day-of coordinators, we work with a lot of brides and see a lot of gorgeous gowns. We’re curious to know – what should you do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

Whether you want to wear it again, have it preserved or turn it into something special, we have some ideas to help you decide what to do.


To Have and to Hold – Preserve Your Wedding Dress


For most wedding dresses, dry-cleaning isn’t always enough to repair and restore the gown. There are several options to clean and preserve your gown, including local companies that will handle your dress or national services where you can ship your gown and they take care of the details. Not only should the dress be cleaned, but any spots or stains need to be treated immediately.


Gown Preservation is a special cleaning and packaging technique that goes above-and-beyond standard dry-cleaning. Most gowns won’t make it through the wedding day without some sign of that special day – your train may have gotten scuffed from outdoor photos or perhaps someone accidently tipped a drink while on the dance floor.


Depending on the type of preservation and degree of damage, expect to pay anywhere from $200–$400 to have your wedding dress preserved. And don’t forget to ask questions and read all the fine print before sending your gown away.


Read more about wedding dress preservation at TheKnot.com.


One Last Dance – Rewear Your Wedding Dress


If you want to wear your dress again, there are several options. From Charity Balls to city-wide events, women are getting the chance to wear their wedding dress again. Going to be in Dublin next April? Take your dress and attend this charity event! Here’s a recent article that talks about organizing a “Wear Your Wedding Dress Again” event.



Depending on the type of dress and its details, you could have it professionally dyed or altered. A seamstress can add or remove straps, shorten the length or dye it a completely different color. Click here for more ways to alter your wedding dress.


We’re so impressed with these two transformations!



If you want your wedding dress to have a second life but don’t necessarily want to wear it yourself, why not sell it or donate it to a charitable organization? Brides Across America and Brides Against Breast Cancer are just two of many organizations looking for donated wedding dresses to help out brides who cannot afford one. You can also sell your dress at a consignment shop or online site, such as www.preownedweddingdresses.com.



Something Old, Something New – Turn Your Wedding Dress Into Something New


Melanie Vaughan, owner of Ribbon Bridal in Beaver, Pa, doesn’t recommend dress preservation. “I tell my brides that they can store their dresses in the breathable bags that we give them for as long as they would like as long as it’s a dark dry place (the same recommendations the boxes have). I tell them to get their dresses cleaned, store them for a few years, but then do something with their gowns. Make a christening gown, pillows for the bed room, a cute dress to wear on their anniversary. I put my dress in a box for 13 years and when I took it out it was crunchy and had spots all over it!! I also feel that most mothers want to have the “experience” of shopping for their daughter’s dress and most likely the daughter will not want to wear the mothers dress.”


We love Melanie’s idea to turn your wedding dress into something that can be enjoyed for years to come! Pillows, Quilts, Teddy Bears – oh my! Head over to our Pinterest Boards (pinterest.com/hellofavorites) to see some of the ideas we found.

What did you do with your wedding dress? Tell us in the comments below!